Cats and dogs need vaccinations to protect them from potentially dangerous diseases. Dr. Norm’s Animal Hospital wants to prevent illness whenever we can; the effort you invest in your pet now will show them your love. Those slobbery, rough kisses are their way of thanking you. Dr. Norm’s vaccinations are distributed by pharmaceutical companies and are guaranteed by the manufacturer. Prevention against heartworm, rabies, and fleas are important for your pet’s overall health. During a regular wellness check up, our vets can administer vaccinations and make sure your pet is up to date with all they need for their age. Puppies and Kittens need more vaccinations since they are young; it is important you do not let them get too old before being inoculated against harmful diseases.

Vaccinations have helped save many pets from deadly disease and have virtually eliminated some fatal illness. There are hundreds of vaccinations available for pets, but not every pet needs all that is available. Dr. Norm’s can look your pet over and provide them only with what they need. Some vaccinations are optional; we thoroughly explain what the vaccination is for and what it can do for our clients’ pets. Vaccine recommendations change over the course of your pet’s life, each time we see your furry one we can tell you what is needed at that time.

Dr. Norm’s Animal Hospital understands that every pet is unique and special, which is why we want to design a custom vaccination plan for each animal we treat. We want to give our clients the best advice and provide them with what they feel is best. Protecting your pet is our goal. Bring your pet in for vaccination today, before things really get RUFF.