What makes Dr. Norm’s Animal Hospital so successful is our entire team. Without them, we cannot be a productive practice for ourselves or our customers. As part of the team, you are a trusted participant in our endeavor to share and become part of the journey of the animals who visit us. Our veterinarians are always learning to use new technologies to help our client’s pets, and implementing the latest techniques make your pets as healthy as can be.

At Dr. Norm’s Animal Hospital, we implement the use of radiography. A radiograph is an important device in veterinary clinics that allows us to look inside animals’ bodies and see things that may not be as easily seen from the outside. We are continually striving to provide the best quality of service to our clients; by being able to use x-ray imaging we can diagnose what many clinics may accidentally overlook.

Radiology can be used to evaluate the shape of bones, their size, and also allow us to see the position of organs in your pet’s body. It is important to have this capability because some medical conditions can only be diagnosed this way. Dr. Norm’s Animal Hospital uses radiology to diagnose kidney and heart disease, liver disease, broken bones, cancer, bladder stones, and intestinal blockage. We ensure that radiology is painless to the pets, safe, and one hundred percent non-invasive. Being an x-ray, very low doses of radiation are used, however there is never anything to be concerned about. Because of radiology, Dr. Norm’s Animal Hospital can make a promise to our clients that your pet will have the best care when they come to see us.