Delivering comprehensive animal care services to Panama City Beach pet owners is our entire focus and we believe that a well-fed pet is a healthy pet. As the region’s Top-Rated Local® veterinary hospital, we offer animal nutrition counseling to our clients, in order to aid in helping keep their precious pets healthy, happy and strong.

Nutrition is what gives our pets energy. They need to maintain a healthy diet so we can have them around and active for as long as possible. Reading food labels can be confusing, so we work to provide direction on what foods to choose for your dog or cat. Like humans, each pet needs a different diet and we can help decide what is going to benefit them best as well as keep them satisfied. If your pet has any dietary problems or medical issues, some foods may be better for them over others.

At Dr. Norm’s Animal Hospital, our veterinarians stay up-to-date with the latest foods and best products for your pets. We contact and inform our clients about any food recalls on products that they may be using as well. Dr. Norm’s Animal Hospital offers in-house consultations and specialty products that are not available in mainstream stores. The care we provide for your pets extends past routine office checkups; your pet is taken care of here and at home. Products that we offer at our clinic can also be purchased 24/7 at our online store.