Get Help When Your Pet Needs It the Most

We know that your pets don't always get sick during convenient office hours. They may experience an accident, injury, or illness anytime of the day or night that may require them to get medical attention right away. That's why Dr. Norm's Westside Animal Hospital wants you to have the very best care no matter what time of the day or night your pet needs medical assistance. If your pet has a medical emergency or needs immediate assistance outside of our normal business hours, we recommend contacting one of these three emergency clinics in the Panama City Beach area: 

Animal Care Center of Panama City Beach: Emergency hours on weekend Friday 6pm – Monday 8am 850-235-2877

Niceville Emergency Clinic: 7 days a week from 6pm-8am 850-729-3335

Southern Regional Veterinary Emergency Service: 24hrs a day 334-699-7787

Pets aren't always great at telling us when they aren't feeling well. Many pets won't show signs or symptoms of an illness until they are extremely sick. That's why it's important for you to take your pet in right away if they are exhibiting serious symptoms of an illness. You love your pet like they are a member of the family, so don't hesitate to get them medical attention at one of the clinics listed above if they need it. Once the emergency clinic has met their immediate needs, we will coordinate with them and with you and your pet to provide the after-care your animal needs to feel their best. We know how much your pet means to you, and we'll help them have the best chance possible for recovering from an emergency situation.