Just like humans, your pets need dental care and regular teeth cleanings. Sure it may sound silly or even hard to do, but if left too long without the proper attention, animals could develop oral disease causing pain and tooth loss.  As cats and dogs get older the risk of disease increases and it has been found that animals with dental disease are also at high risk for heart disease, too. Dr. Norm’s Animal Hospital offers the best in feline and dog dental care as a part of routine vet care.

Along with weekly home brushings, professional cleaning is always recommended. Feel at ease knowing your pets’ teeth are being taken care of with comprehensive oral health services, including dog dental cleaning. Dr. Norm’s thorough exams and cleanings are a great way to help prevent oral diseases of all types, stopping the growth of bacteria and the increased risk of oral health issues.

If you notice any of the following things there may be an issue of concern:

  • difficulty chewing
  • lack of appetite or changes in food preferences
  • increased salivation
  • bad breath
  • painful gums
  • receding gums