Dr. Norm’s Animal Hospital is more than just a veterinarian practice. To our clients, their pet is not just an animal but rather their furry baby and loved as a family member. At Dr. Norm’s Animal Hospital, we love them in much the same way. Dr. Norm’s animal hospital is your pet’s health care home, as we strive to always deliver the most comprehensive animal care; from puppy shots to surgery, from dental care to vaccines. Our focus goes beyond general vet services however, with our team delivering compassionate regard for your pet each and every time you visit.

Your pet’s health is our number one concern as our passion is driven by those circumstances where we may save a pet that would not have survived without us, and by all the positive outcomes we see daily. Every pet has a special story and we want to tell it.

We provide head to tail check-ups, comprehensive exams, and wellness plans. Our certified veterinarians will check that your pet’s internal systems are working normally, and provide care that handles the issue quickly, gently and affordably. We also offer at-home euthanasia and house calls to those that cannot make it to the clinic or want a more intimate experience. Overall health for pets is critical, and here at Dr. Norm’s we can ensure that your pet will be well taken care of.